Rod-Plan Features

Build a catalog of Suppliers

Components and Activities

Complete Reporting

Car History

Repairs & Maintenance

Photo Gallery

The Many Features of Rod-Plan

Display Graphical Time Lines

Extensive On-Line help



Web Launcher

The ‘Web’ buttons on the Car and Component tabs automatically launch your web browser and jump to your favorite web sites.  However, Rod-Plan is still where you left it.  When you return from your web browser Rod-Plan is waiting.

















Preference Control

The Preference control supports four features:

·                     Pictures can be displayed in their actual size or Rod-Plan can re-size them to fit the display window

·                     The Tree-views can display all of your information in an expanded form or they can be collapsed to display on the heading

·                     The background color of the Rod-Plan screen can be set to any color you choose

·                     The color of the text can be set to any color you choose








Background & Text Color control

When you choose to change either the background or text colors the Rod-Plan presents a color-picker.   You can choose standard Windows colors or set your own custom color.










Calendar Date Picker

·         Dates are used extensively throughout Rod-Plan.  They are used to control the Project Plan and in several other areas to record events tied to dates (car manufacturing date, maintenance dates, etc.).

·         The Rod-Plan date-picker is a easy to use graphical tool that will help you quickly enter dates.

·         You can quickly change the year, month, and day.
















Just about everywhere you can record information in Rod-plan there is a provision for ‘Notes’.  Notes is a free form text are that lets you record whatever you feel appropriate.  The Notes box on the Car screen is huge- you could write a book!