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Repairs, Maintenance & Modification Tracking

The Repairs & Maintenance tracking module is designed for hobbyists who want to keep an accurate records of mechanical events.  You can record the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘where’.


RepairsRepairs & Maintenance Screen

  • Tree-view displays all the entries in date order
  • Tree-view can be compressed to display just the date & description or it can be expanded to display all the detail
  • Check-boxes control whether to display only repairs, only maintenance, only modifications, or all three
  • Running totals are displayed for quick reference


Car Report • Car Info - Such things as body style, VIN, paint code & color, engine, tranny, and total maintenance and repair costs • Owner Info - Your name, address, contact info, etc. • Option Info - List all the options that either came new with the car, or ones you've added • Previous Owners - Provide an audit of ownership • Maint. Records - Details from the Repairs & Maintenance module • Repairs Records - Details from the Repairs & Maintenance module • Modification Records - Details from the Repairs & Maint. module