Build a catalog of Suppliers

Components and Activities

Complete Reporting

Car History

Repairs & Maintenance

Photo Gallery

The Many Features of Rod-Plan

Display Graphical Time Lines

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Car Report

  • What more can we say?  Rod-Plan tracks it all!
  • Car Information
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Options
  • Previous Owners
  • Special Events







Project Plan

  • Prints all the Activities arranged within Phases.
  • Sequenced by time
  • Components required for each activity are listed.
  • Target and Actual times
  • Budget and Actual costs









Material List

  • All the materials and services required for your project are reported.
  • Quantity required
  • Budget and Actual costs
  • Target and Actual dates required
  • Status code is displayed









Wish List

·         Great for those special occasions like birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas.

·         Check the ‘Wish List’ check box on a component and it will print on this report

·         Each Component is linked to your preferred supplier.

















StatusReportStatus Report

  • Shows all components that you have set to a specific status.  This is used to remind you that there is an issue that can’t be forgotten.
  • The Status code field is managed on the Assembly and Component tabs.