Rod-Plan and EventHorizon will download as evaluation versions.  Rod-Plan will operate normally for eight (8) days or twenty four (24) sessions; whichever occurs first, While EventHorizon will operate normally for fourteen (14) days or fifty (50) session; whichever occurs first.  After that time you will be unable to continue to work with your show or project.  If you purchase a “License Key” you will be able to re-activate the evaluation version and continue to work.

The premier planning tool for car, motorcycle, and boat enthusiasts. With Rod-Plan you will better manage your time, money, and energy.  Keep the surprises to a minimum and finish in time for the next show! 


5.0 M Bytes

Specifically designed to help car clubs better manage their car shows, while spending less time at the computer.


4.2 M Bytes

Please Note

For the online Help to work properly with Windows 7 and Windows 8, it is necessary to download and install a Microsoft patch.  Just follow the instructions that will display when you launch Rod-Plan or Eventhorizon help.


If you have purchased either Rod-Plan or EventHorizon, and received your License Key; please enter it on the Evaluation Notification Screen that is displayed at startup.

1) Copy the download zip file to a directory on your computer where you store temporary files.

2)  Run your zip program to extract the installation files.

3)  From the Windows taskbar, click Start – Run.

4)  Type:  \Temp\Startup.exe   (Where “Temp” is the directory where you extracted the  zip files.

5)  Follow the on-screen installation instructions.